Worked All LA Award (WALA)

  • Worked All LA Award (WALA, The Norway Certificate) is available to licensed radio amateurs and SWL’s worldwide.
  • Contacts with stations operating from Norwegian territory made after January 1st, 1950 are valid for the award.  All contacts must have been made from the same QTH within a radius of 100km).
  • HF requirements Applicants in Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sweden and Norway must have two contacts confirmed on separate bands with each of the 19 Norwegian counties (fylker). All others must have one contact confirmed with each of the 19 counties.
  • VHF/UHF/SHF requirements Applicants in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway must have contacts confirmed with at least 16 of the 19 counties. All others must have contacts confirmed with at least 12 of the 19 counties. Contacts via satellite or repeaters are not valid for WALA.
  • Contacts may be made using all legal modes. Cross-band contacts are not valid. Endorsements as appropriate are available (CW, Phone, RTTY, 5 bands etc.). Contacts with arctic stations (JW, JX) are valid for WALA. Such contacts may, at the applicant’s discretion, be substituted in part or in full for contacts with counties W, X or Y.
  • The application shall include a list of stations worked and must be accompanied by either the QSL cards or a GCR list signed by an official of the applicant’s IARU member society.  The fee is NOK 120 or US$15. If QSL cards are included, please add NOK 60 or US$10 if registered mail returns of cards are desired. Apply to: HF Award Manager Norsk Radio Relæ Liga Postboks 20 Haugenstua N-0915 OSLO NORWAY
  • The 19 counties of Norway are:
A Oslo H Telemark U Sør-Trøndelag
B Østfold I Aust-Agder V Nord-Trøndelag
C Akershus K Vest-Agder W Nordland
D Hedmark L Rogaland X Troms
E Oppland R Hordaland Y Finnmark
F Buskerud S Sogn og Fjordane Svalbard
Z Vestfold T Møre og Romsdal Jan Mayen
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