Simple and Fun Antennas for Hams

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Simple and Fun Antennas for Hams is designed not only for newcomers to the wonderful hobby of Amateur Radio, but also for anyone overwhelmed with the theory and technical details in most antenna "textbooks". Too many books force you to "take a drink from a fire hose" - when all you really wanted to do was to find some practical tips on how to build an antenna!

Retired ARRL technical editor, Chuck Hutchinson, K8CH and The ARRL Antenna Book editor, Dean Straw, N6BV bring you more than 70 well-tested, fun and entirely useful projects. These antennas work! Hundreds of photos and illustrations make sure you can actually build working antennas yourself.

Simple and Fun Antennas for Hams presents the antenna know-how you need to make things clear, with a minimum of mind-numbing detail of math. (If you want detail and math galore, you're ready for The ARRL Antenna Book!)

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