Antenna Modeling for Beginners

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Salgspris medlemmer: 320,-Pris ikke-medlemmer: 500,-Medlemmer sparer: 180,- Over the last decade, computerized antenna modeling has advanced greatly - with inexpensive or free modeling software now available. Modeling, a powerful tool in Amateur Radio, can help you design antennas and optimize their performance. Antenna Modeling for Beginners  is an introductory guide to using modeling software for designing and evaluating antennas. It provides a detailed introduction to EZNEC , the most popular antenna modeling program used by radio amateurs today. With Antenna Modeling for Beginners, you'll set up basic modeling software, evaluate and adjust pre-designed models, and create your own models. Step-by-step exercises and explanations will familiarize you with important functions and procedures along the way. As you progress, you'll discover antenna modeling software is simple to learn and use!

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