Remote Operating for Amateur Radio

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Salgspris medlemmer: 180,-Pris ikke-medlemmer: 330,-Medlemmer sparer: 150,-   Remote Operating for Amateur Radio guides you through the process of establishing your own Internet-controlled station. You’ll learn the basics of how the Internet works, how home networks operate and how to interconnect Amateur Radio hardware and software for remote Internet control. You’ll find station diagrams, software tips and much more. This book also addresses the legal aspects of remote station control, as well as the unique issues of remote operating as it applies to activities such as DXing and contesting. With more than 100 pages of solid, practical advice, Remote Operating for Amateur Radio is your guide to getting back on the air with the station of your dreams – even if you live in an apartment! Contents:The Case for Internet Remote ControlNetworks and the Need for SpeedBringing the Internet HomeHardware IntegrationThe Audio ChallengeThe Listening PostBuilding a Complete Remote Station

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