LA3EQ har dekodet digimode fra fyret OZ7IGY over Aurora

Sakset fra "VUSH mailing list":

Jan, LA3EQ, is the first to decode PI4 from OZ7IGY via aurora !
Jan made the decoding this afternoon on both 50 MHz and 144 MHz using PI-RX version This is fantastic news !

The decoder in PI-RX v. features a better decoder than previous versions because a serious bug was corrected. Even so the decoder in the next release of PI-RX will be even more robust.

E.g. a 1 h long recording made by John, G4SWX, that showed a high rate of no decodes is decoded perfectly with the next release of the decoder. Furthermore, the sensitivity will also be improved by 3-4 dB later on.  

 73Bo, OZ2M

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